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The great American writer and outdoorsman Mark Twain once wrote … 

“The difference between the right word and the almost-right word is the difference between lightning and the lightning bug.”

This is as true today as it was a century and a half ago … Especially in the Outdoors Industry where you are trying to capture the attention of your customers and enthrall them with the distinctive benefits of your products and services.

If you’re looking for a copywriter who can get the word out online, through innovative catalog writing, email autoresponders, and SEO, then you’re looking in the right place …

Rich Bachus (left) and Kurt Shillinger (owner of Campo Adventura, Patagonia) on the Owyhee River

But to find the right words for your next direct marketing project, you need to find the right copywriter … and the difference between the right copywriter and the almost-right copywriter is the difference between your Backyard and the Backwoods.

Sure, they’re both outdoors, but one is safe, tamed, and a good place to take a nap, while the other is wild, free and full of life and adventure.

Hi, I’m Rich Bachus … Welcome to Great Outdoors Copywriting!

Why does my copywriting excel at finding the right words that strike at the core desires of your prospects like bolts of lightning? Two words: OUTDOOR EXPERIENCE!

I’ve been writing professionally since 1987 … first as a journalist for such publications as The Christian Science Monitor, Newsweek, Ski, Snow Country, Traverse, and The Traverse City Record-Eagle

… Then as a copywriter helping to earn over $4,922,210 for clients such as EPO-Boost, AltitudeRx, Tim Bondy Physical Therapy, DR Power Inc., Market It Write, Biomedical Research Laboratories, Pampered Pet Treats, Chesley Consulting, and Associated Construction Publications.

Since my first days as a cub reporter in 1987, I’ve worked to bring the Outdoors to the masses and made at least part of my living by …


… Paragliding off Utah foothills                        

… Trying to keep up with a top racewalker

… Flyfishing the clear, running waters of my native Northern Michigan

… Skijoring with my dogs

… Skiing with Avalanche patrollers

… Bugling for Elk in the Pigeon River Country

… Helping to chronicle the life of an Everest climber

… Hitchhiking across Europe

… And leading young men and women down wild Canadian rivers and trails.



Windsurfing w/ the Sturgeon Bay Yacht Club (yachts optional)

Here at Great Outdoors Copywriting, our mission is simple:

We’ll help your outdoors-oriented company tune in to your customers with the latest direct-response copywriting and marketing techniques available on this planet.

Outdoor adventure is primordial — it’s in our blood, way down deep in our DNA, and our brains are wired to leave the cave to hunt, gather, and soak up the good stuff Nature has to offer.

But in this electronic, information-overloaded age, you need innovative marketing messages, continuous contact with prospects, and rich content that builds trust in order to break through all of the clutter that threatens to keep your customers on the couch or stuck in the office.

You know the Outdoors and how to make a living from it … we know how to help get your customers geared up for adventure and moving outside so that you make an even better living from the outdoor places and activities you love.  

We can help energize your online and traditional marketing because we understand the emotional gear that drives your customers’ desires to buy … a new 3.6-meter Ezzy wave sail … the latest Current Designs Neoprene/Nylon spray skirt … a guided flyfishing trip down the Middle Fork of the Salmon River … or even that pretty, blue Athleta Second-Wind skort that you could wear after a day on the water.

We’re dedicated to finding copywriting solutions that work for you, and we have a few tried and true techniques (like our Full-Circle Marketing Plan) that are sure to make you more money … as well as some brand-new ideas like our “Geared Up For Adventure Online Catalog System” that you haven’t seen anywhere else before.

If the Great Outdoors gets your blood pumping and sooths your soul at the same time, then Great Outdoors Copywriting may be just what you need to improve your marketing efforts.

You can put two decades worth of professional writing expertise and rich outdoor experience to work on your next copywriting project. Give me a call or click “contact” to send me an email, and let’s talk about your copy and marketing needs.


Rich Bachus               Phone: (231) 838-6660


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  1. Sunilduttnapit

    Hi Rich,
    How are you?
    You know that i am from Nepal you.
    I export Nepali and Tibetan handicrafts goods item.

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